3A Urbanism

3A Urbanism works on the development of various urban centers such as residential and commercial buildings, industrial areas and planned neighborhoods.

Our motivation is the engineering dynamism that transforms the spaces and changes people’s lives.

Each project is a new opportunity to build a team and strengthen ties with our collaborators, partners and customers. We integrate the work of excellent architects and engineers in order to conduct socially, environmentally and economically sustainable projects.

We choose to evolve and innovate, by improving new business formats to meet the needs of each terrain and those of the people who will live, work and invest in these new urban facilities.

Our biggest pride is to turn terrains into solid business.

Stages of Real Estate Development

We believe that having acted in the market for over 70 years allows us to be able to offer the best service and the best products to our customers with long-lasting partnerships based on transparency and commitment of the Naves Aguiar Group. Our goal is to establish our companies as a reference in the market based on commercial success, discipline and integrity in all relashionships.

Masterplan Elaboration

  • Survey of market potential;
  • Feasibility study along with public agencies and service concessionaires;
  • Analysis of legal status and land documents;
  • Planning of the economical and financial feasibility of the project;


  • Planialtimetric cadastral survey;
  • Urban master planning and memorials;
  • Study of environmental areas;
  • Attainment of environmental planning licenses;
  • Attainment of the authorization from concessionaires and other agencies of drinking water, sanitary sewer, urban solid waste, traffic and urban transportation and electric energy.
  • Plan and carry out earthmoving;
  • Plan and carry out the distribution network of drinking water, mains and reservoirs;
  • Plan and carry out the sanitary sewage collecting network;
  • Plan and carry out the drainage system;
  • Plan and carry out the electric power distribution network;
  • Plan and carry out the paving;
  • Plan and carry out the landscaping and afforestation.


Choose the area

Conceptual study and economic feasibility

Urban project and infrastructure

Legal Approvals and Licensing

Execution of the work

Enterprise delivery

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