About us

The Naves Aguiar Group was founded in 1940 having family bonds at its core. It is composed of companies that act in different areas such as Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Corporate Rental, Urbanism, Farming and Fuel Resale.

The two last generations keep the tradition of a family business that work in a conservative way with solid financial foundation and credibility. The group reinvests the profit in the search for new business opportunities, believing in the work, perseverance and ethical principles that guide them.

The company has been active for 77 years. The success it has had over the years is justified by the excellent projects it has produced and the customers’ trust it has gained.



We believe that having acted in the market for over 70 years allows us to be able to offer the best service and the best products to our customers with long-lasting partnerships based on transparency and commitment of the Naves Aguiar Group. Our goal is to establish our companies as a reference in the market based on commercial success, discipline and integrity in all relashionships.


Gradual development based on constant work and vision of the future.


We believe that it is very important to act with ethic, integrity and transparency in all the relashionships we establish with people and companies and we have the commitment to meet all deadlines and honor the deals we make. We value socially, environmentally and economically sustainable projects. The optimism and the search for results guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and collaborators which make the development and the continuity of our work possible.







Social and environmental responsibility


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